My name is Daniela, and I’m originally from Los Angeles, California. I moved to Aracaju, Brazil, in 2016.IMG_0585

I’m an English, Spanish, and Portuguese teacher and the co-founder of Language Lab Productions.

My mission

To make language learning and translation accessible to more people across the globe. I produce content in all three of the languages that I work with, and am continuously looking for new ways to incorporate multilingualism in creative and professional pursuits.

In 2014, I graduated with a B.A. in history from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR. I honed my editing skills, worked as a research assistant for several professors, and even had some great interships at websites like OPB Music in Portland and La Ciudad de Frente in Mexico City.

Last year, I was offered a Fulbright Grant to become an English Teaching Assistant at the Federal University of Sergipe in Brazil. I loved my experience teaching and I had so many people ask if I gave private lessons, that I decided to return in February of 2017 to continue my teaching.


I have grown so much here, both personally and professionally. I began to do the artwork for Alfajor do Mineiro, a local gourmet chocolate company, and to launch my online platform, Language Lab Productions. Importantly, I have also worked as a freelance translator, translating essays, articles, websites, and more, to and from English, Spanish, and Portuguese.


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